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FAQs – Decommissions & Liquidations

Ready to liquidate your office furniture? Transfer Enterprises is here to help! Below are frequently asked customers clients have about our corporate liquidation and decommissioning services.

Do you perform liquidations outside of Connecticut?

Yes, we perform liquidations outside of Connecticut. Our team travels nationwide to perform corporate liquidations.  Most of our decommissions completed out-of-state are for office spaces starting at 50,000 square feet. Please provide 60 days advance notice for liquidations outside of Connecticut to allow us time to coordinate travel arrangements, trucking, and trailers for our team.

Why is hiring a liquidating company better than private disposal?

Transfer Enterprises is a unique liquidation company because we sell or repurpose a lot of the furniture we liquidate. Therefore, our service costs are generally much lower than other liquidators who wholesale furniture directly from the decommissioned building. If we do choose to wholesale products, that is completed after the liquidation and out of our own warehouse facilities. As a result, the liquidation cost we extend to customers is not dependent on the immediate resale of the office furniture set to be removed. This means we can offer lower pricing and faster removal times than other decommission service providers.

Furthermore, Transfer Enterprises is the environmentally responsible option for office furniture removal. It is estimated that .5 million tons of office furniture and equipment end up in landfills every year. Instead of throwing excess furniture in dumpsters, call Transfer first! In most instances, our service price is less than or equal to the price of dumpster rental and labor to dispose of the furniture.

Finally, Transfer Enterprises cleans after every completed liquidation. All floors are swept and vacuumed, and any miscellaneous trash is disposed of. We leave our job sites in pristine condition so that our customers have minimal work at the conclusion of their lease or sale of their building.

What do you do with the liquidated office furniture?

Transfer Enterprises repurposes and recycles as much furniture as possible. Our goal is to keep furniture out of landfills. A good portion of the furniture we liquidate returns to our production facilities where it is cleaned, sanitized, repaired, and refinished. These products are then sold in our showroom and on our website. Furniture that is not salvageable is deconstructed for parts or responsibly recycled. A very small amount of furniture is disposed of in dumpsters.

How far in advance should I schedule a liquidation?

You can never give us too much advance notice! We schedule liquidations in the order of requests and deposits received. Our calendar is booked out 30-60 days in advance. Large scale decommissions can take weeks to complete. Therefore, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. We understand most clients are operating on a lease deadline. To ensure your furniture is removed by your move-out date, we recommend contacting us 3 months in advance.

How to do I get a quote?

The best place to start is with photographs of your office furniture, photographs of your overall office space, and a rough quantity count of items. We will also need your address and building conditions. Depending on the size of the job, a decommission representative may schedule an appointment to walk your job site either in person or on a video call. To get started on the quoting process, please fill out our quick liquidation questionnaire by clicking here.

Why do you ask for my building conditions?

A large component of our price structure for liquidations is related to labor and trucking. We need to know if your building has multiple floors, elevators, ramps, and stairs. It takes much longer to liquidate a multi-floor building without an elevator than it does to liquidate a building that does have an elevator. Furthermore, Transfer remanufacturers most of the furniture we decommission. Therefore, we need to know if your building has truck access and how many docks or loading areas are available. If the decommission representative deems it necessary, we may put recycling or scrap trailers on site to remove product that cannot be repaired and resold. We need to know if there is an area or space available for those to be placed throughout the duration of the liquidation. Finally, we need to know if there are time or day restrictions for our team to remove the furniture. If weekend or evening work is required, the liquidation cost may be higher to account for overtime labor.

Why do you charge for liquidations if you are reselling the furniture?

A large component of our liquidation pricing comes from labor and trucking. Any furniture we resell from a decommission is loaded into our trucks, driven back to our production facilities, and then off-loaded into our warehouse. All seating must be steam cleaned and sanitized per State of CT rules and regulations for the resale of upholstered furniture. In many cases, we remove the original upholstery and foam on decommissioned chairs and replace it with new fabric and foam. The chairs are also outfitted with new parts and pieces. Every piece of wood office furniture that is brought into Transfer’s facilities goes through our woodshop. It is cleaned, repaired, scuffed, and sprayed to create a like-new finish on all our remanufactured wood furniture pieces. Metal case goods are repainted. Cubicle and modular systems are parted, sorted, and stored for cubicle sales. Upon purchase, our modular systems are stripped, recovered in new fabric, and repainted to custom specifications provided by our clients. The time, labor and materials needed to bring the liquidated furniture to sellable condition is accounted for in decommission service fees.

I only have a few pieces of furniture, but they are in great condition. Will you buy them?

We do not purchase office furniture in small quantities. The time, labor, and trucking required, usually makes a buyback of one or two items unprofitable. We have over 500,000 square feet of warehoused furniture. It is difficult for us to accept in single pieces or those that are not part of a larger set. We recommend you use 3rd party selling sites such as Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and CraigsList to sell small quantities of office furniture.

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