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How To Pick The Best Office Chair – CT

If you’ve ever questioned how to pick the best office chair, then Transfer Enterprises, Inc. is here to explain. First off, we’d like to point out that a large majority is based on preference. Although there are many amazing chairs, we realize after years in this industry, that it really comes down to preference. However, today we’ll dive into importance factors to consider, as well as highlight our personal favorites to help you decide which style is best for you. All the following products can be found on www.tedesk.com, or by visiting our showroom located in Manchester, CT.

To begin, we want to remind you that if you’re looking for comfort, then cheaper isn’t always better. If you work at a desk, you’re spending a HUGE portion of your time sitting in a chair. Whether you work from home or in an office, a cheap office chair can be a recipe for disaster for your posture and lower back pain. Cheap office chairs make you feel you’re crammed into a torturous economy seat on an international flight, but quality office chairs boost you up to first class. They’re designed to provide long-term support and comfort for your body. We’ve researched and tested dozens of office chairs and asked customers with a variety of body types what they prefer best. In the following paragraphs, we’ll list the results.

Biggest Takeaways: 

  • Comfort: We can’t stress enough that every person’s body is different, so finding the perfect, most comfortable office chair is a subjective endeavor. This also depends on the type of work you do, your body size, and how you sit. Important areas to consider: chairs on seat, backrest, and armrest comfort—and how your body feels after you get up from a chair, as well as while you’re sitting.
  • Lumbar and back support: The most basic office chairs don’t offer any customizability for lumbar and back support. People have different torso lengths and lumbar curvatures, so adjustability is key. A good backrest will support you regardless if you’re sitting straight up or reclined at 100 to 110 degrees.
  • Ease of reclining: Reclining is important for sustainable sitting. It lets your body move a bit more while you’re seated. 
  • Adjustability: an adjustable office chairs makes it a better fit for a wider range of people. Often, our customers prefer chairs with at least adjustable seat height. However, we also offer office chairs that let you adjust the arm height, tilt, and seat depth. In addition, the best chairs allow you to customize the tilt distance and the amount of force required to lean the chair back.
  • Price: There’s a significant difference between the quality of a $40 generic-brand office chair and an $800 chair from a respected company. Most notably, office chairs below $200 are made with cheaper plastic and metal, are non-adjustable, and have shorter, or less-inclusive warranties. Starting around $300, you get more-adjustable chairs built with high-quality materials. As the price increases, you’re more likely to get warranties that replace worn parts for over a decade, a wider variety of color and accessory options, and high-end materials.

Here’s what our company and customers labeled “The Best” office chairs on the market.

  1. Steelcase Leap V2: Best Overall Comfort and Best Lower Back Comfort 


If you sit for long periods, then you’ll be satisfied with the support, adjustability, and comfort the Steelcase Leap V2 provides. The Leap V2 has continued to be a favorite since we first recommended it years ago. It’s one of the most comfortable, supportive, and durable office chairs we’ve ever tested! Everything, from the back support to the quality fabric, to the dependable change knobs, the Leap V2 has stood the test of time. 

  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair: iconic, comfortable, and durable 


The Herman Miller Aeron’s mesh back and seat make it a great if you get hot easily, or work somewhere without air conditioning. Bottom line: If you mainly want a comfortable chair that props you up ergonomically for long hours while typing at a desk, then the Aeron will suit you well. However, the Aeron’s armrests aren’t as adjustable as the Leap V2. Keep in mind it’s not as versatile for different tasks that require arm support. Because it has been around so long, we know that the Herman Miller Aeron is durable enough to last a decade or more. You can conveniently shop our Herman Miller chairs at www.tedesk.com.

  1. Herman Miller Sayl Chair (Now On Sale!)


If our top two picks were out of your price range, then the Herman Miller Sayl provides similar comfort and durability for nearly half the price and it’s currently on sale for a limited time at https://www.tedesk.com/product/herman-miller-sayl-chair. As a high-quality chair with strong lumbar support, the Sayl is a good fit for standard office work. It’s plastic-webbed back stays cooler than fabric cushions. This chair demands you notice it, and the range of color options allows you to make it fit in or stand out!

  1. Humanscale Freedom Task Chair: Most Comfortable Task Chair; Great For Telecommunication Jobs.


Last, but certainly not least on our list is the famous Humanscale Freedom chair. This wonderfully ergonomic chair has won over 10 design awards and our customers and employees love it for its synchronous adjustments that keep you supported as you change positions. The sculpted foam back and seat is thick and supportive, so it helps you maintain good posture throughout the workday.

Transfer Enterprises sells these chairs BRAND NEW at a DISCOUNT at www.tedesk.com. We received them in their original Humanscale boxes with instructions as part of a large liquidation. Original Humanscale warranty is voided.

Conclusion: Importance Of Choosing The Right Office Chair

Buying an office chair is like buying a mattress. If you’re spending a third of your life in this furniture, it should support your well-being and not break your back. If you have a full-time desk job, then you’re spending at minimum 14,000 hours sitting over the next 10 years (That’s assuming you sit in a chair for at least 35 hours a week). That tally doesn’t include the nights you have to work late, the weekends you’re called into the office, or those unfortunate occasions you end up shoveling down lunch in front of your computer.

We now know that any sustained in-chair time can be detrimental to your health, but a poorly made chair only makes it worse by putting you in positions increase long-term risk. If you have a home office, then finding a chair that makes your desk time more comfortable and better for your health is a worthwhile endeavor. You can find everything you’re looking for right here at www.tedesk.com. Please give our friendly staff a call if you have questions, or if you’re local, then stop by our public showroom in Manchester CT.

How To Pick The Best Office Chair – CT
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