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How to Select Conference Room Furniture

When you are selecting conference room furniture, you should allow for a minimum of 4 feet around any edge of the conference room table. For example, a conference table that is 10 feet long x 3 feet wide would require a room size of 18 feet long x 11 feet wide. A 60″ round table would require a room that is at least 13 feet x 13 feet.

You can also select a conference table based on how many people you need to seat at the table. A general rule of thumb is that you can fit one person per foot of a standard racetrack or rectangular conference table. So a conference table that is 10 feet long can fit up to 10 people. Conference room chairs are also key – they should be comfortable enough for long meetings and should be adjustable to accommodate various leg lengths and body types.

You also may want to allow room for a credenza, cabinet or other storage space in order to accommodate food, electronics, or other supplies, depending on how the room will be used.

If you are going to be giving digital presentations or need to allow for wired access to the internet or power supply, you may want to consider a wired conference table. Transfer Enterprises can turn almost any existing conference table in our showroom into a wired table if needed.

There are many styles and shapes of conference tables. If you are not sure what you need, talk to a Transfer Enterprises team member about the size of your room, how it will be used and the style of your current office décor. We have many tables on display in our showroom, and also arranged by size in racks, to help you find the perfect configuration to fit your space. Find out why corporations large and small have relied on Transfer Enterprises as the source for office furniture in CT for over 25 years.

Transfer Enterprises in Manchester, CT has expert staff who can help you select office furniture that will last for years, fit your existing space, and allow for easy expansion. Stop in and see our selection of quality refurbished conference tables that will save you hundreds. Contact us today! Visit https://www.tedesk.com

How to Select Conference Room Furniture
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