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Laminate Office Furniture- Rhode Island

If you’re looking for quality, USA-Made Laminate Office Furniture for your Rhode Island home or business, then look no further than Transfer Enterprises. Transfer Enterprises holds the largest showroom in New England. This Fall, we invested in high-quality machines to produce the highest quality laminate office furniture made in the USA. Transfer Enterprises offers a variety of laminate products such as desks, bookcases, and tables. All furniture is manufactured in-house. Ordering your laminate furniture from Tedesk.com gives you the advantage of choosing from a fully stocked inventory made in the USA, a variety of colors, and no wait time for pick-up orders.


                                                                          Laminate office Furniture Rhode island


Maximize Your Desk Organization

If you’re tired of wires sprawled across your desk, then Transfer Enterprises has the solution for you. Say goodbye to loose wires when you purchase one of our customizable laminate desks. These can be equipped with grommets to thread your wires through, and keep you organized. We offer customization packages so you can add lights and plugs wherever you’d like them. Our clients that work from home love the convenience of plugging in their electronics and lights without dealing with long wires going across their desk. Transfer Enterprises laminate furniture gives you the option to thread the cords through the rear or side grommet, and plug them into an outlet built into the table. The days of worrying about placing your desk next to a wall outlet are in the past!

Laminate-Conference Tables



Have you ever arrived frantic to a conference because your laptop is about to die and there’s no available plug in sight? Or, how about distracting phones scattered across the meeting table? Thankfully, Transfer Enterprises has found the solution. We make our laminate conference tables in-house with plugs and storage for your belongings. Multiple heights are available, including bar height, regular height, and custom with troughs. Visit www.tedesk.com today to order your custom laminate tables so you can start modernizing your conference space and make meetings more efficient. 

Fast Shipping To Rhode Island Homes and Businesses

The covid-19 pandemic backed up production for many office suppliers leading to customers waiting weeks, or even months to receive orders. Fortunately, this has never been the case for Transfer Enterprises. Regardless if you shop in-person at our 45,000 square-foot showroom, or online at www.tedesk.com, you have access to a fully stocked inventory. As an additional advantage, we make all of our laminate products in house! The investment of our state-of-the-art CNC machine continues to increase production rates, so you can get your furniture when you need it. When you want high-quality, USA-Made laminate office furniture fast, then Transfer Enterprises is the place to go.

Shipping Available for New Laminate Office Furniture in Rhode Island

If you prefer shopping in the comfort of your Rhode Island home, then Transfer Enterprises invites you to shop at www.tedesk.com. Our website highlights the comprehensive collection of products held in our public showroom available for purchase and delivery. For those who enjoy an in-person shopping experience, visit the largest office furniture showroom in New England! Transfer Enterprises is open to the public in Manchester, Connecticut. If you prefer to get your furniture delivered, then we have fast shipping to all cities throughout Rhode Island.               



High-End Office Furniture At Affordable Prices

Transfer Enterprises specializes in providing high-end office furniture, at affordable prices. We are excited to showcase our new laminate office furniture all made in house. In addition to laminate furniture, other popular furniture brands we offer include Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, SitOnIt, Geiger, & more. Whether you need gaming furniture, bookcases, healthcare office furniture, school desks, cubicles, or workstations, you can find it all at TEDesk.com

Why Laminate Is The Best Choice For Office Furniture

Equipping your office space with the right furniture depends on choosing furniture that is durable, stylish, and affordable. If you love the appearance of wood, but prefer a more modern, sustainable and affordable product, then laminate furniture is the way to go, and here’s why:


      1. Laminate products have antibacterial properties. They make wonderful choices for high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms.

      1. Laminate is easy to clean.

      1. Compared to solid wood alternatives, laminate furniture is more resistant to stains and scratches. 

      1. Laminate is durable, affordable, and offers great value. When you order from Transfer Enterprises, you get a quality piece of furniture manufactured in the USA and enjoy stylish pieces that undoubtedly make a statement. 

    From the company: “As a Veteran Owned company, using American products is very important to us. Our raw melamine is made in the USA. Onsite production of furniture with our CNC machines creates a shorter chain supply and reduced lead times! We take pride in being an active part of our local economy and keeping money Stateside.”

    Our goal is to use the new CNC machines to offer better quality products at a better value to our customers than other laminate lines can offer. So what are you waiting for? Come browse our showroom, or visit our website to shop today! www.tedesk.com

    Transfer Enterprises services all counties in Rhode Island, including Newport County RI, Kent County RI, Providence County RI, Washington County RI, and Bristol County RI.

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    Laminate Office Furniture | Rhode Island | Transfer Enterprises, Inc.

    Laminate Office Furniture- Rhode Island
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