Laminate Office Furniture

Shop our collection of laminate office furniture MANUFACTURED IN MANCHESTER, CT. This collection is available in 2 colors. Furniture picked up from our Showroom in Manchester, CT is already assembled. Furniture shipping outside of Connecticut may be flat-packed to reduce shipping costs. Desks are locking.

Laminate Colors


Manufactured in Manchester, CT

State of the art CNC machines are being installed in our Progress Drive Warehouse! All machines will be operated by Transfer Enterprises staff members who were sent to a specific training program. We are excited to join the Manchester, CT manufacturing community and look forward to supplying businesses with high-quality, Made in the USA, office furniture!

As a Veteran Owned company, utilizing American products is very important to us. Our raw melamine is made in the USA. Onsite production of furniture with our CNC machines will create a shorter chain supply and reduce lead times! We take pride in being an active part of our local economy and keeping money Stateside.

Our goal with the new CNC machines is to offer better quality products at a better value to our customers than current laminate lines can offer. As Transfer Enterprises grows, laminate furniture will have options for complete customization.

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