Transfer Enterprises' Noteworthy Projects

At Transfer Enterprises we are experts locally and nationally in eco-friendly office furniture installations, moving and removals (decommissions). Our services help keep over 1,000,000 lbs. of furniture out of landfills, annually. Here are some examples of our work:

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Real Estate Company

Wolcott, CT








Refurbished Product:
Steelcase Refurbished Stations

Estimated Cost Savings:

Manufacturing Company

New Britain, CT








Refurbished Product:
Haworth Refurbished Stations

Estimated Cost Savings:

Manufacturing Company

Middletown, CT








Refurbished Product: Haworth Blended Stations

Estimated Cost Savings:

Business Management Company

Colchester, CT








New Product:
Electric sit-stand desks, Candex worksurfaces, Candex storage credenzas

Refurbished Product:
Haworth Panel Systems

Estimated Cost Savings:

Manufacturing/Aerospace Company

Greater Hartford, CT








Pre-owned Haworth Unigroup Panels, Binder Bins, Surfaces, and Pedestals.

Estimated Cost Savings:

Attorney's Office

Bloomfield, CT


Product: Isoplexis stations

Project coordinator: Jon Sheffield


Wethersfield, CT


Product: Fully refurbished Haworth cubicles with glass.

To ensure safety and piece of mind for employees, all seats are over 6’ apart to maintain social distancing.

Project coordinator: Alyssa Jones

Decommissions / Office Furniture Removals / Recycling

Aug. 2018 through Dec. 2018 — Windsor, CT
Ongoing service work with approximately 160 work station reconfigurations and restack of approximately 2,085 existing stations to include installation of new sit-stand units

2Q-2018 through 3Q-2018 — Hartford, CT
Decommission services for several floors over 4 phases removing work stations, demountable walls, private offices, seating, filing and conference room product

July 2018 — Rochester, NY
Decommission of 1,000 work stations

Decommission of private offices, conference rooms and laboratory

June 2018 — Wilton, CT 
Decommission of 150 benching stations

Apr. 2018 through May 2018 — Hartford, CT
Multiple phase decommission of 1,200 work stations, seating, filing, private offices and conference rooms as part of larger decommission

Apr./May 2018 — Danbury, CT
Decommission & service project involving the disassembly and removal of 50+ stations, removing excess furniture from several internal storage locations and disassembly and relocation of customer owned product into internal storage space

Mar./Apr. 2018 — Suffield, CT 
Decommission and service project involving the disassembly and removal of customer excess furniture to include approximately 300 stations, seating, filing/storage and ancillary product from the existing site.

Service involved palletizing, protecting and shipping product from CT to UT

Feb. 2018 through Sept. 2018 — Wilton, CT
6-phase decommission of 600 work stations, seating, filing, private offices and conference rooms

Feb./Mar. 2018 — Bloomington, MN
Decommission of 150 workstations, seating, filing, private offices and conference rooms

Repurpose approximately 50 stations with seating and filing to a customer site on the west coast

Jan. 2018 — Hartford, CT 
Decommission & service project involving relocation of 3 floors of customer owned product to their new facility in Hartford

Decommission services included removal of all excess product from 3 floors and basement of their existing facility

Oct. & Dec. 2017 — Allentown, PA
Service work involving reconfiguration of customer owned product

Decommission of approximately 190 workstations, seating, filing and training room over several phased efforts

2017 — Multiple sites: Syracuse, Pennsylvania, Atlanta and Charlotte
Combined decommission efforts with customer retainage, storage, and delivery of retained product to other customer sites

Product retained, loaded and transported to alternate site for reuse

Balance of product repurposed, recycled or reused

2Q of 2016 — Rhode Island Consolidation; Two facilities with combined 100,000 sq. ft.
Decommission full scope of office furniture related items

Repurposed, recycled or reused over 600,000 lbs. of office furniture

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