COVID-19 Sanitation Program

COVID-19 Chair Sanitation Program

We understand all businesses are concerned with both health and economic concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently we have received an influx of emails and phone calls inquiring about the proper way to sanitize seating and upholstered furniture within offices. Most business are practicing social distancing and many of you have expressed a need to have your offices and furniture sanitized during this period while the majority of employees are not in the building.

Until now, our chair sanitation process has been exclusively used for in-house inventory prior to resale. However, in response to an exponential number of requests for this service, we have created a program for chair sanitation for business/corporate seating. As we are reacting and addressing sanitation orders currently placed, we are limiting the chair sanitation program to businesses within CT. We hope to expand this service to surrounding states soon. If you have a location that is not in CT, but you are still interested in participating in this program, please fill out the form below. We will work to accommodate everyone’s requests as quickly as possible.

Why should I have my chairs sanitized?

COVID-19 has been proven to live on surfaces for days. The virus can remain embedded in fabric and upholstery. Fabric and upholstery is much more difficult to sanitize than hard surfaces. To prevent a risk of COVID-19 remaining prevalent in your building and re-exposing employees to it upon their return, Transfer Enterprises is offering a specific chair sanitation program that is targeted at eradicating COVID-19.

How does the chair sanitation program work?

Transfer Enterprises will pick-up all chairs you contract with us to have sanitized. We will provide tags to attach to the chairs so that each one is returned to its properherman miller aeron ergonomic chair size c location within your building. Chairs will be returned to your facility as soon as possible. Our estimated lead time for this process from start to finish is 5-10 business days. Pick-up and drop off times are flexible and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. While the chair is in Transfer Enterprises’ possession, we will steam-clean and sanitize your seating with commercial grade cleaning chemicals and equipment. We follow a very diligent process that exceeds the requirements from the State of Connecticut for the proper cleaning and sanitation of upholstered seating for resale.

How is this program priced?

All pick-up and drop-off rates will follow our standard flat rate delivery fees. You will only be charged a one-way delivery fee, however, this payment will cover both pick-up and drop off. We will temporarily enforce this reduced pricing for all chair sanitation orders over 50. Any orders smaller than 50 chairs may be subject to additional delivery charges. The starting rate for sanitation per chair is $39. Additional costs may be assessed if chairs are spread among multiple floors without access to an elevator. Additional charges will incur for any dual or triple seating, such as sofas, couches, and benches. You will receive an all-inclusive quote prior to signing a chair sanitation contract with Transfer Enterprises.

If you are interested in participating in our COVID-19 chair sanitation program, please fill out the form below. We are responding to requests in the order that they are received. We appreciate your patience as we work to help you as quickly as possible. For immediate assistance, please contact Alyssa Jones directly at (860) 883-4000 or email ajones@tedesk.com.

COVID-19 Chair Sanitation

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  • Please include an approximate number of chairs you would like sanitized as well as preferred delivery and pick-up dates. Include any abnormal building conditions that would effect pick-up including presence of stairs, parking limitations, and time restraints for entering or exiting the building.


Chair Sanitation Program FAQs


What chemicals do you use to sanitize the chairs?

We use Sterifab on all fabric and upholstery. Sterifab is the only EPA registered product that is both a disinfectant and insecticide. Sterifab kills viruses, mold, mildew, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and mites. A bleach cleaning solution is used on all plastic and metal components of the chairs.

Will Sterifab stain my chair?

No, when applied correctly, Sterifab does not stain.

What is the difference between your process and regular janitorial cleaning?

We have commercial grade cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. We follow a very diligent cleaning that exceeds the requirements from the State of Connecticut for the proper cleaning and sanitation of upholstered seating for resale. The cleaning solution we used is a registered disinfectant that has proven to kill viruses. We apply it in a the most effective way and in a way that will not damage or stain the chair. Our equipment allows us to easily clean the entire chair, fabric and hardware alike. Our large chair facility allows us to effectively separate and organize chairs. We also have proper ventilation and drying equipment to prevent mold and mildew.

Am I able to drop off my chairs?

If you would prefer to drop off your chairs, please contact Alyssa at (860) 883-4000 for the earliest available date and time we can accept a drop-off.

Will you clean my chairs onsite?

Not all sites are conducive to chair sanitation. We need access to water and power throughout the process. We are limiting onsite sanitation to quantities of chairs of 250 or more. Please contact Alyssa at (860) 883-4000 to review your building conditions and to determine if your facility qualifies for onsite sanitation.

What if you lose or damage my chair?

We are very careful and diligent with our clients’ property. We are accustomed to receiving and organizing product. All chairs will receive a tag with your company’s information on it. If a mistake is made, we will replace your chair.

How long will it take for my chairs to get sanitized?

We have increased staffing and operational hours at our chair department to accommodate more orders. We are working hard to pick-up, sanitize, and drop-off within 5-10 business days. However, lead times are dependent on our ability to get supplies and demand of services. While we do not anticipate a shortage of any of the materials we use to sanitize, if that happens, our lead times may be amended. We are prepared to further expand staffing and trucking to accommodate a large demand of services.

I don’t have 50 chairs. Will you clean less than 50?

Yes, we can take in orders less than 50 chairs. For orders less than 50, we would prefer clients to drop off the chairs at our facility. If you are unable to drop off the chairs, pick-up and delivery will still be available at an increased rate. Delivery rates for the chair sanitation program are based off of truck size and capacity. If your order does not fill a truck, additional fees will apply. Due to the the demand of this service we are already experiencing, we are unable to pick-up any quantities less than 20, regardless of additional rates and fees.

Download Chair Sanitation Flyer: COVID-19 Chair