Car Dealership

Location: Hartford, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Haworth cubicles, Knoll wood desks

Design Inspiration: This customer needed 2 complete floors of furniture including open areas and private offices. Conference rooms were completed with laminate and wood tables.

Created by: Jon Sheffield, jsheffield@tedesk.com

Engineering Firm

Farmington, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Herman Miller Canvas

Design Inspiration: The client wanted an upgraded, modern design with a sharp pop of color. All stations include ergonomic, Herman Miller Celle chairs and electric standing desks.

Created By: Asia Johnson, ajohnson@tedesk.com & Alyssa Jones, ajones@tedesk.com

Capital Firm

Hartford, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Haworth Cubicles, Steelcase Task Chairs and Humanscale Ergonomic Accessories

Design Inspiration: The colors chosen were inspired by the company’s logo. Frameless clear glass was added to the low height panels as privacy protection when standing. These fully ergonomic cubicles are equipped with electric sit-stands, dual monitor arms, and Steelcase Leap task chairs.

Created by: Al Boudreau, alb@tedesk.com

Biotechnology Company

Branford, CT

Product Used: Refurbished & Preowned Knoll and Herman Miller Cubicles

Design Inspiration: This customer selected a soft blue panel fabric to complement the preowned desk and file finishes. The Knoll Dividend cubicles incorporate 15” of thick, clear glass for a modern, sophisticated look.

Created by: Jon Sheffield, jsheffield@tedesk.com

Machinery Company

Location: South Windsor, CT

Design Inspiration: This company had an office fire, destroying all their workstations purchased from us in 2020. Being in a tight pinch, the customer needed a quick turnaround for product. We were able to incorporate pre-owned panels, refurbished drawer storage, & new worksurfaces. With only a lead time of 4 – 6 weeks, the customer was back up & running even with a redesign from their previous layout.

Created by: Asia Johnson, ajohnson@tedesk.com

Financial Services

East Haven, CT

Product Used: Reconditioned Haworth Compose

Design Inspiration: This client was looking for modern, functional workspaces within in a strict time frame. These Haworth Compose stations were the perfect solution. With assistance from another local installation team, we were able to deliver & install this product in just a few short weeks.

Created by: Jesse Muldoon, jmuldoon@tedesk.com

Manufacturing Company

Berlin, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Haworth Unigroup with Integrated Custom Laptop Carts

Design Inspiration: These employees need large workstations with options to collaborate. Coordinating meeting tables were placed in the center of 4 cubicles to create common workspaces. Custom laptop carts were manufactured to fit seamlessly into the cubicles for employees that need to work within multiple departments each day.

Created by: Alyssa Jones, ajones@tedesk.com

Financial Services

Shelton, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Steelcase Avenir Workstations

Design Inspiration: This client was expanding and had very particular needs on number of stations, size of the stations and orientation of stations. By choosing refurbished product, we were able to create a custom design that optimized their new office space.

Created by: Peter Berube, pberube@tedesk.com

Technology Company

Windsor, CT

This company expanded into a larger space and with that chose to remodel all of their old office furniture.
Over 80% of the products shown are remanufactured in custom colors.

Space planning and design services were completed by our most experienced designer, Al Boudreau, alb@tedesk.com

Recent Decommissions

ASML – Wilton CT – 2019-2021

United Health Group – Rocky Hill CT 2021

Finance Firm – Wilton CT 2021

TIAA-CREF – Manhattan NY 2020-2021

The Hartford Insurance group

San Antonio TX 2020

Bloomington MN 2022

NY NY – Manhattan x3 2021

Plantation FL 2021

The Hartford Courant -Hartford CT – 2021

Farmers Insurance company – Rocky Hill / West Hartford / 2021

Travelers Insurance Company – Hartford CT 2000- 2020

The Winchester Factory – New Haven CT – 2021 – 2022

Mercury Healthcare – Farmington CT – 2021

Amadeus – Waltham Mass 2021

Merryll Lynch – Waltham Mass – 2020

ING – Windsor CT 2021

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