Technology Company

Windsor, CT

This company expanded into a larger space and with that chose to remodel all of their old office furniture.
Over 80% of the products shown are remanufactured in custom colors.

Space planning and design services were completed by our most experienced designer, Al Boudreau, alb@tedesk.com

Hoffman Auto Group

East Hartford, CT

Product Used: Remanufactured Knoll Dividends Workstations

Design Inspiration: This remodel was completed in honor of a Hoffman employee who unfortunately passed away. This area was dedicated to them. The designer, Al, and the rest of the team at Transfer Enterprises is thankful to have been a part of such a special project.”

Created by: Al Boudreau, alb@tedesk.com

Engineering Firm

Farmington, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Herman Miller Canvas

Design Inspiration: The client wanted an upgraded, modern design with a sharp pop of color. All stations include ergonomic, Herman Miller Celle chairs and electric standing desks.

Created by: Asia Johnson, ajohnson@tedesk.com

Biotechnology Company

Branford, CT

Product Used: Refurbished & Preowned Knoll and Herman Miller Cubicles

Design Inspiration: This customer selected a soft blue panel fabric to complement the preowned desk and file finishes. The Knoll Dividend cubicles incorporate 15” of thick, clear glass for a modern, sophisticated look.

Created by: Jon Sheffield, jsheffield@tedesk.com

Car Dealership

Location: Hartford, CT

Product Used: Refurbished Haworth cubicles, Knoll wood desks

Design Inspiration: This customer needed 2 complete floors of furniture including open areas and private offices. Conference rooms were completed with laminate and wood tables.

Created by: Jon Sheffield, jsheffield@tedesk.com

Financial Services

East Haven, CT

Product Used: Reconditioned Haworth Compose

Design Inspiration: This client was looking for modern, functional workspaces within in a strict time frame. These Haworth Compose stations were the perfect solution. With assistance from another local installation team, we were able to deliver & install this product in just a few short weeks.

Created by: Jesse Muldoon, jmuldoon@tedesk.com

Parts Distributor

Hartford, CT

Product Used: Remanufactured Haworth and New Global

Design Inspiration: The customer remodeled a new facility and wanted a design inspired by their logo. The pop of bright color is a welcoming accent to the warehouse and is reminiscent of their brand.

Manufacturing Company

Milford, CT

Product Used: Re-conditioned Haworth Workstations

Design Inspiration: This client opened a new company and used blended 62’h workstations. These workstations were assembles with re-conditioned Haworth panels. custom new laminate surfaces and re-painted pedestals.

Created by: Peter Berube, pberube@tedesk.com

Machinery Company

Location: South Windsor, CT

Design Inspiration: This company had an office fire, destroying all their workstations purchased from us in 2020. Being in a tight pinch, the customer needed a quick turnaround for product. We were able to incorporate pre-owned panels, refurbished drawer storage, & new worksurfaces. With only a lead time of 4 – 6 weeks, the customer was back up & running even with a redesign from their previous layout.

Recent Decommissions

ASML – Wilton CT – 2019-2021

United Health Group – Rocky Hill CT 2021

Finance Firm – Wilton CT 2021

TIAA-CREF – Manhattan NY 2020-2021

The Hartford Insurance group

San Antonio TX 2020

Bloomington MN 2022

NY NY – Manhattan x3 2021

Plantation FL 2021

The Hartford Courant -Hartford CT – 2021

Farmers Insurance company – Rocky Hill / West Hartford / 2021

Travelers Insurance Company – Hartford CT 2000- 2020

The Winchester Factory – New Haven CT – 2021 – 2022

Mercury Healthcare – Farmington CT – 2021

Amadeus – Waltham Mass 2021

Merryll Lynch – Waltham Mass – 2020

ING – Windsor CT 2021

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