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Saving Money on Office Furniture: An Action Plan for Success

Bulk Office Furniture

Are you staring down the prospect of reoutfitting an entire office with furniture, desks or seating?

Like all furniture, office furniture costs a pretty penny. This factor, understandably, has most involved in the process wondering how they can keep expenses down when new furniture is in order.

Here’s our advice.

Don’t Put It Off; Have a Plan

There is a difference between having one chair leg break, requiring you to go out and find a replacement, and a scheduled update or renovation to an office.

One is exigent and the other you can see coming, usually a long way off. If you know what your office’s maintenance schedule looks like or are aware of rolling updates, don’t let them catch you off guard.

For instance, if you know that in a year’s time, you will be responsible for assessing the inventory of your office’s furniture and making replacements where necessary, get started with the following steps today.

Buying last minute is never a good plan for saving money. Always figure out what you plan on replacing first, then start shopping around. It’s also important to note that buying from a reputable company helps alleviate stress and provides peace of mind, since a trusted supplier will provide a higher level of customer support and address any issues in a timely manner.

Ask for Referrals

Obviously, since we are in the business of selling new, pre-owned and refurbished office furniture, you know what our take is going to be – buy here!

But it never hurts to ask your professional connections for advice, referrals, or just a place to start looking.

You aren’t the first office manager or procurement specialist who’s ever shopped for office furniture before. Others have been in your situation before and they may be able to help.

Liquidate Existing Furniture to Help Fund the Project

If money is a concern with respect to this project, remember that you may be sitting on some funds that you’re not even aware of.

Most high-quality office furniture, especially if it is well-cared for, will hold its value exceptionally well. Some chairs and desks remain worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars if they are in good shape, even if they have been owned and used for many years.

Some suppliers of office furniture – like us here at Transfer Enterprises – will buy used office furniture, which can help you offset the costs of your renovation.

Please consult our page on corporate liquidation for more information, request a quote, or get in touch with us directly at 860-645-9090.

Don’t Be Too Quick to Jump on New Design Trends

It can be tempting to see a new design trend – like minimalism or biophilia – starting to grow in popularity, and feel the urge to jump on the bandwagon, but that may not be in your best interest.

By all means, consider it, but remember also that trends come and go, and schools of design change. What is popular today may not be popular tomorrow.

Instead, going with a professional, timeless aesthetic will help you keep costs down by freeing you from paying more for what’s popular right now, and will hold its value better.

Keep It Simple

While solid-wood furniture will last more than a lifetime when well maintained and will hold its value miraculously well, for many offices, simpler might be better.

Allow us to explain: laminate desks and simple metal-and-fabric office chairs will offer the same general durability as more expensive wood furniture, but will cost much less.

Often, the extra investment in terms of dollars just doesn’t pay off, especially if expenses are a prime consideration for you.

And, there are some really high-quality chairs and standing desks made using synthetic components that are ergonomic, versatile, and which support a productive, comfortable work environment.

Consider Not Only New, but Pre-Owned, Refurbished Office Furniture

This is probably the best advice of all. If you need to get new office furniture, you do not need to buy new, and in fact, if cost is a big concern for you, you shouldn’t.

We carry pre-owned and refurbished office furniture that for all intents and purposes is indistinguishable from new furniture – and you can see the condition listed on our product pages, anyway.

Buying pre-owned or refurbished instead of new is probably the best trick in the book if you need to keep costs down.

(Also, we do sell new office furniture, in case your heart is set on that. Consult our collection of new office furniture, which is manufactured in Connecticut at our Progressive Drive Warehouse using CNC equipment, via the previous link.)

Buy Bulk Office Furniture

Another great way to save on office furniture for the meeting or conference room is to buy in bulk. Don’t buy one desk or chair piecemeal. That’s a near surefire way to guarantee that you’ll pay more than you need to.

The savings are built right into bulk office furniture, since by buying more you can lower the per-unit cost of each item.

Take a look through our collection of bulk office furniture and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Consider Shipping Costs

Another important consideration has to do with shipping costs. You may be wooed by the sight of a low sticker price on a set of desks or office chairs, or other wholesale office furniture – but don’t forget about the other line items, like shipping.

Shipping and handling charges may be where those sellers make the bulk of their margins, and generate business by attracting buyers with purportedly low costs.

Always do your homework on shipping costs, as they do affect the bottom line. For instance, we offer free shipping on select chairs – subject to certain conditions. See the previous link for more details.

Buy Quality

Last but not least, follow the maxim, “in for a dime, in for a dollar.” What you spend more on today may cost you less in the long run simply because you’ll need to replace it less frequently.

High-quality office furniture lasts. Herman Miller chairs, for instance, are bot only recognized across industries for their ergonomics and comfort, but for the fact that they last forever and hold their value well.

So, take staying power into consideration.

Save on New, Pre-Owned, Refurbished, Bulk Office Furniture Here

Wherever you are in the process of renovating your office, we are here to help. If you have any questions about what we offer, would like help designing an office space, or need assistance with installation, get in touch with us – 860-645-9090.

Saving Money on Office Furniture: An Action Plan for Success
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