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Transfer’s Top Waiting Room Chairs

by Alyssa Jones

Why not make this year’s resolution to refresh your reception area? Waiting rooms can have a significant impact on the success of your business. Think of your front room as an interior marketing tool. Every person that walks through the door should immediately get a sense of what your business is about. When was the last time YOU sat in your waiting room? What condition is the furniture in? Would YOU be comfortable sitting there for an hour or more? Disappointed? Don’t feel bad; reception areas are one of the most overlooked areas in an office.
With all the furniture options out there, choosing the right pieces can be overwhelming. As office furniture specialists, we have selected our top picks in seating relative to each industry. This list will guide you in picking out perfect furniture, without breaking the bank.


The Steelcase 421  is an affordable chair, with a wide seat that makes it comfortable for patients of all sizes. The metal frame makes this one of the most durable chairs in our showroom. Sturdy arms make it easy for people of various mobility levels to sit and stand easily. The Steelcase 421 can be reupholstered in any type or style of fabric, including vinyl. We recommend staging these chairs in groups of 4 or 6. Studies have shown that patients feel more comfortable sitting in groupings, rather than in rows along the wall. For example, families would rather sit together than spread out in a line.

Steelcase 421 chairs can be reupholstered in a variety of fabrics and vinyl.

The Haworth Improv is our second choice for healthcare waiting rooms. The armless model allows you to fit more chairs in a smaller space. Patients of different sizes and body types can sit in the chair comfortably. The Haworth Improv pairs nicely with soft seating. Pair three of these chairs with a sofa or two lounge chairs to great a homey feel. The Haworth Improvs are also able to be reupholstered in any fabric. Our top fabric choice is Stinson, Grade 1 vinyl. It is a highly elastic vinyl that is soft to the touch and resists wear. It cleans easily to ward of germs, stains, and dust.

 The Haworth Improv armless chair in vinyl.

Law Offices

The OFS, high-back traditional wood side chair is a perfect fit for a law office. The arms and legs are finished in a beautiful mahogany. All the fabric options showcase traditional prints in muted colors. This OFS chair offers a unique balance between welcoming and imposing.

The OFS traditional wood side chair is perfect for law offices.

Manufacturing, Construction and Architecture

The AllSteel stacking chair is a durable choice that suits construction companies and onsite trailers. The option to stack these chairs makes moving them from one location to the other simple. Chairs can be placed as needed to conserve on space. The metal frame won’t buckle over time and the dark fabric will hide dirt. AllSteel chairs feature higher arms that better accommodate taller people.

The Allsteel stacking chairs  are a durable choice for manufacturing, construction and architecture. 

Graphic Design, Advertising and PR

The Protégé side chair will emphasize the creativity of your company. The sling back design is more laid back than other side chairs with rigid frames. Protégés look great in bright colors. Reupholster these chairs to match your company logo or to add a pop of color to your waiting area.

The Protégé side chair reupholstered in a coral fabric can add a pop of color to your waiting room.

Business and Financial Advisors

The Knoll Ricchio is our best-selling wood side chair and is suitable in any professional setting. The wood is available in a variety of finishes and the seat cushions are easily reupholstered in any color. Both the wood and fabric can be matched to any existing office furniture and décor. The curved back balances a traditional and modern style that emphasizes your professionalism.

The Knoll Ricchio wood side chair features contemporary lines.

Information Technology

Keep your seating modern and sleek with a Steelcase Jersey Stack chair. The mesh back is on trend with contemporary office furnishings. This chair is compact and complements a variety of soft seating options including leather sofas and tablet chairs. The seat cushion can be reupholstered, but the standard black on black finishes gives this chair a no-nonsense look.

Steelcase Jersey stack chair with mesh back.

Selecting the furniture is only the beginning in creating an amazing reception area. For more information on our waiting room design tips and tricks, see our article on LinkedIn here

Alyssa Jones is a business development representative and showroom floor manager for Transfer Enterprises, Inc. Total Office Furniture Solutions in Manchester, CT. She can be reached at [phone] or Ajones@tedesk.com

Transfer’s Top Waiting Room Chairs
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