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Top 5 Best Desk Accessories To Increase Productivity When You Work From Home

Transfer Enterprises offers the top 5 best work-from-home desk accessories to increase work productivity at home and in the office. Regardless if you’re an employee or business owner, you should always look for ways to increase your productivity at work. It’s no secret that since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, work-from-home jobs have skyrocketed. Transfer Enterprises has compiled a list of accessories favored by our employees and customers. We’re excited to share this list to help the public learn more ways to increase productivity at home or in the office. You will find all of the following products and more on www.tedesk.com The accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of any office space. From a monitor arm to an Ipad holder, Transfer Enterprises has a vast collection of useful, functional, and productivity-enhancing desk accessories that promise to be the best investments for your desk in 2022!

1. Monitor Arms

Transfer Enterprises offers two functional monitor arms: The Humanscale M/Flex Single Monitor Arm and The Humanscale M/Flex Dual Monitor Arm. Monitor arms are exceptional gifts for people that work from home because they help save desk space and improve posture. The easy clamp base attaches to desks with overhangs, tables, and most standing desks. Your remote work environment can “feel” more like an actual office with this simple device designed to help increase productivity.

Why is it noteworthy?

You can improve your workspace while making it more ergonomic and improving posture. The goal should always be speed and efficiency for working and when you have clutter and back pain, you’ll experience the opposite! When using monitor arms, our customers have found results in increased work efficiency, especially with the adjustable screen for more comfortable viewing.

What we love

  • Helps decrease clutter, opening up more desk space
  • Better than a desktop computer because it’s adjustable and provides more room for notes (or an extra coffee mug or two). 

2. Keyboard Tray

If you want to experience better ergonomics while also sporting a sleek keyboard tray that performs double duty by holding your keyboard AND mouse, then consider Transfer Enterprises Humanscale Big Board Tray Keyboard Tray.

Why is it noteworthy?

As we explore more renders of this design, it continues to grow on us. Due to its functionality and ergonomic design, you’re likely to have a more productive workday and posture when putting it to use.

What we love

  • The 6G arm mechanism is the most stable arm on the market.
  • Exceeds all BIFMA standards and made of powder-coated steel.

3. Sit-Stand Desk

Systematix Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation (VolanteHD) rules the roost in the home-desk market. There’s a compelling reason to want the functionality of a desk that allows you to comfortably sit or stand while using it. Transfer Enterprises ships the Systematic sit-stand workstation fully assembled and no tools are required for installation.

What we love

  • Compact footprint allowing it to fit onto a 24″ deep desk
  • Single paddle gas-assisted height adjustment provides smooth, quiet, and infinite height adjustment
  • Weighs 43 lbs. Light enough for simple installation and moving from desk-to-desk
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Take it out of the box and get to work.

4. Laptop Holder

Our workspaces are often littered with two types of things: tools designed to accomplish a task and decorative items designed to please the senses. Fortunately, there are now desk accessories like Systematix Laptop Arm (7915LT) designed to hit two birds with one stone that especially embraces minimalist aesthetics that fit well nearly anywhere. This laptop holder is popular because of its ability to adjust to any size laptop and has back-and-forth movement. The arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the options for display position.  This is an ergonomic alternative to a monitor arm for people that only work off a laptop. We’re excited to offer a tool that not only creates a sense of wonder but also inspires confidence in every movement.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Systematix laptop arm has an aesthetic that matches its usability. The wide and flat metal monitor rest is almost reminiscent of industrial tools, and its black steel body gives off an aura of strength and durability.

What we love

  • 24” of back-and-forth movement.
  • 24″ of height adjustment for sit-to-stand applications.
  • The arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the options for display position.

5. Ipad Holder

The Systematix iPad Holder (7915i) is a favorite of employees and customers at Transfer Enterprises. It offers adjustable supports that fit all iPad models. Equipped with 24” of back-and-forth movement, the stable steel cradle design is bound to be a perfect gift for any Ipad lover.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Systematix iPad Holder (7915i) features an upgraded structure, and adjustable design, and helps increase convenience. Design-wise, this holder boasts an uncompromising steel finish, smudge-proof, and scratch-resistant.

What we love

  • Clamp and grommet adjustable to fit most desks and work surfaces
  • Non-slip cushioned cradle holds the iPad firmly in place
  • Cradle uses a cut-out style to accommodate cables
  • Mounting hardware included

Thank you for checking out our most recent blog. To check out all of these items and more, you can visit www.tedesk.com to browse our online inventory of preowned, remanufactured and new inventory. If you have any questions, give us a call at 860-645-9090.

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Top 5 Desk Accessories 2022 | Transfer Enterprises Inc.

Top 5 Best Desk Accessories To Increase Productivity When You Work From Home
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